Massage Therapy has become the most sought after service in the Spa Industry. With the recognition of its immeasurable health benefits, it is no longer considered a luxury. Our massage therapists are certified and licensed; possessing the highest level of experience and skill. Our extensive menu is sure to provide a treatment that fits your individual needs.

Swedish Massage...60 minutes...$65...90 minutes...$90
Using long, flowing techniques, this massage provides a relaxing escape that softens muscles and quiets the mind.

Therapeutic Massage...60 minutes...$70...80 minutes...$100
A combination of relaxation and focus work, this treatment is designed to address problem areas of tension by increasing blood flow and range of motion.

Warm Bamboo Stick Massage...$75
This new luxurious massage modality utilizes warmed bamboo stalks to help promote circulation, sensory nerve perception, lymphatic drainage and provides a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

Deep Tissue or Sports Massage...60 minutes...$75
90 minutes...$105
This massage is perfect for those with chronic pain, injury or over-use. It utilizes deep massage techniques to bring circulation and relief to overworked muscles.

Hot Stone Therapy...60 minutes...$80...80 minutes...$95
A massage specifically designed to melt away stress. Using heated basalt stones, known for their healing qualities, the therapist combines stones and therapeutic touch to ease muscle tension and soothe the spirit.

Back and Neck Massage...30 Minutes....$35

Therapeutic...30 Minutes....$40

Deep Tissue...30 Minutes....$45

A great massage for busy schedules or as an introduction to the benefits of massage.

De-Toxification Massage...$90
This treatment utilizes essential oils and Castor oil to promote detoxification. A light massage, to increase circulation and lymphatic flow, is followed by the application of a castor oil pack enhancing the bodies ability to release toxins. The pack is yours to keep for in-home use.

Anti-Aging Massage...$100
At last, a massage that uses oils rich in Omega-3s, well known for its ability to impart cell regeneration and decrease inflammation. This treatment uses Emu oil, a highly specialized oil that has been used world wide for centuries to improve the quality of skin. The combination of massage and Emu oil will bring immense benefit to your skin and body at the deepest level.

Massage for Two...60 minutes...$150...90 minutes...$200
Share a massage in our beautiful, private Couples' Room and choose from any one of our luxurious massages. This is a unique way to celebrate special occasions or to get the quality time you have been looking for.

*Prices may be adjusted depending on choice of massage.

Maternity Massage...$65
A relaxing, full body massage specifically designed to address the needs of the expectant mother. It relieves muscle tension, joint discomfort and provides a nurturing respite for the mother-to-be. Please be advised that this treatment is not advisable during the first trimester of pregnancy.

While You Wait Chair Massage...$15
Get a relaxing 15-Minute Chair Massage while you wait for your full pampered treatment.

Massage Cupping...30 minutes....$40...60 minutes...$75
Massage Cupping is a modified version of the ancient Chinese Cupping Method. By creating suction and negative pressure, Massage Cupping can be used to soften tight muscles, loosen adhesions (cellulite), lift connective tissue, drain excess fluids and toxins while increasing blood and lymph flow. Cupping is very effective on tight, knotted muscles. This treatment leaves you with an overall felling of wellness.

Face Lifting & Drainage Massage...30 minutes...$45
Facial Cupping is a very gentle technique that uses very small cups with very subtle suction. This treatment drains excess fluids, aids in the reduction of puffiness, opens sinuses and stimulates collagen.

*This treatment is concluded with a relaxing massage of the shoulders, neck and scalp.


The following treatments can be combined with a massage or done independently of any other treatment.

30 Minute Hand and/or Foot Reflexology...$45

60 Minute Hand and/or Foot Reflexology ... $65
Utilizes massage on acupressure points in hands and feet to bring about relaxation and improvement of overall health.

Cold Stone Migraine Therapy... $45
This therapeutic massage of the face, head, and neck works to alleviate your headache triggers, while the cold stone application decreases inflammation and swelling. shoulders, neck and scalp.