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Do you have any packages?

We do not have specific packages put together. You can customize and create your own package with any service or product. During the specific holiday, we may put packages together. If we have any, you can find them on our Specials Page.

How long does your hair have to be in order to get it waxed?

Your hair typically has to be at least a quarter of an inch in order to wax it properly.

How does the Infrared Wrap cellulite treatment work?

It’s a deep heat that detoxifies your body naturally through your sweat. It releases toxins and water weight through this specialized heating process.

What should I wear for the Infrared Wrap?

You need to wear lightweight, cotton pants and shirt with sleeves at least a quarter length.

What is Lumicell?

Lumicell is a cellulite treatment that is different from the Infrared. This is a vacuum-based infrared system. The light helps to melt cellulite while the vacuum breaks it down and moves it around so your body can flush the cellulite out.

What should I wear for the spray tanning and is it all natural?

Yes, the tanning solution we have is all-natural, hypoallergenic, and free. You can wear a bathing suit, undergarments, or anything that makes you feel comfortable. It will not stain your clothing. We advise you don’t shower for at least 24 hours after your treatment.

How long does the tanning treatment last?

It lasts anywhere from 6 to 7 days, depending on your activities. We do have products to help enhance the life of your tan if needed. If you don’t shower as recommended or swim in a pool, it should last a full week. It is very natural looking and great for a quick, look-great tan.

Does microdermabrasion hurt?

No, it does not hurt at all. It feels like a cat’s tongue licking your face. It’s a great treatment and your skin is dewy with an amazing glow. It exfoliates all the dry, dead skin on the surface, as well as helps extract any impurities that lie under the skin. You’ll enjoy this treatment and love the results.